Is your business consistent and steady? Or your business is more likely to have a dynamically cycled nature, which isn’t a healthy sign? One of the keys of a successful and efficient approach to your work, management or establishment is Consistency. The consistency is the confidence in tomorrow.   While deeply analyzing the performance and the business cycles, especially Sales and Income, made me conduct research to look for an answer to the question “Which days are more profitable, which ones are not?” I found interesting results.   

Below is shown the chart of the transactions happened in Dubai during the year in every day of a month. It shows how many transactions have been conducted on 1st, 2nd and up to 31st of every month during the entire year.

As a basis, I took thousands of transactions, including Leasing and Sales (Secondary Market). To have a comparative look at the picture, I’ve converted all the values to the average values and later into percentages.

Chart 1. Average Transactions by Days of Every Month During 2018

Interesting phenomena, showing how productive is the beginning of every month, while the middle of the month is slowing down. End of the month is followed more intensive transactions. The red trend-line, shows, how the transactions are getting slower by the end of the month.

The fact is, every month is coming with the new energy, mindset and certain motivation, where if it isn’t maintained well along with the right action plan it has a trend to slower.

Does it mean more productive meetings and motivational gatherings should be arranged from 10th of every month to keep up the pace in 2019?

By Akhmed Idigov