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Advance training for the Corporate Employees, certified and accredited by Dubai Land Department and Dubai Real Estate Institute. It is the Intensive Two Months Development Plan for the real estate professionals, teaching everything about the real estate industry. Current training transform new and average real estate workers into advance real estate professionals knowing all about the industry in deep aspects. Training is absolutely unlimited for the unlimited number of employees and upon special request can be tailored as per your requirements.

Every training is coming with the additional summary materials about the subject, practical exercise, test and examination.


• You want your employees to generate more profit for your business. Because, more professional your employees – more profit and benefits they can bring to your company.
• You want your company and your employees to be professionals. Because regular unlimited training will improve your standards.
• You want your company to grow in the market. Because having smart employees will push your company forward in the market.
• You want your employees to enjoy the work, to be motivated and loyal to your company. Because well integrated regular training will make your soldiers united.
• You want to utilize all the potential power of your employees. Because your employees as any human beings are having a power which is not used yet to the maximum.
• You want other people to dream to join your company. Because seeing your success other people will strive towards you.


• It will make your company much more profitable.
• It will make your employees extremely professionals knowing all about the industry.
• It will utilize all potential power of your employees which will generate more business for you.
• Your company will have the image of an extremely professional organization.
• Your employees will become very motivated and loyal to your company.


Let us tell you, how it will fit your particular business and bring you a lot of benefits!